Chongqing Art Museum

I was curious about the Chongqing Art Museum mainly because the building is so impressive. I heard that the museum exhibits works by local Chongqing artists on two floors and decided to go have a look. artmuseum9Pictures don’t really do justice to big the building is. Only one side is actually a museum, the other part is a concert hall of sorts. Entrance to the museum is through a….square? Not sure if we can call it that, it’s essentially a big concrete area with some trees, artwork and stairs (of course) to lead you to the museum. The museum’s located next to Jiefangbei monument, just search for a big glass Apple store and you will see the museum looming behind it.artmuseum2 artmuseum1

The museum itself seems a little empty. It’s not the most space-efficient space, but I guess art museums are more about the aesthetic anyway. And the staircase to the second floor is pretty funky!


I shadowed a pair of girls taking selfies at every painting for a while. Feel free to call me elitist or whatever, but if you’re going to an art museum, please actually look at the art instead of just trying to find the perfect angle to take a photo of your face.

Not impressed at how the girls only cared about photos of themselves and ignored the artwork.
Not impressed at how the girls only cared about photos of themselves and ignored the artwork.

The artwork itself is impressive, if you’re into art. There were surprisingly many artists who chose to use traditional techniques of brushes on rice paper, but they paint modern situations. There was also a surprising -or not so surprising depending on how you look at it- amount of paintings about the military. Unfortunately only the artist names were in English, everything else was in Chinese and thus I have no idea what techniques were used, or what the paintings are named.

The spray technique in this is a fun touch, it really looks like powdery snow.

artmuseum3 artmuseum5 artmuseum8 artmuseum10

If you like art, feel free to visit the museum as it’s free. But if you’re not the type to spend time at museums, then it’s plenty enough to just admire the building from the outside. The museum is not a “must-see” attraction if you have a tight schedule, but it’s a fun little detail that you can visit if you have about an hour to spare.

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