Chongqing: Eling Park Part 2

What is so amazing about this park that I have to make two posts on it? Well, it just so happens that we didn’t explore the whole of Eling Park the first time, and I think it is worth it to mention some more places to check out in said park. The first post can be read here.

On the left side of the park (looking in from the entrance) is an old mansion by a cliff. At first glance this mansion is nothing amazing, but once you hear who has lived in it it becomes interesting. I went to the park with my mom and aunt who were visiting Chongqing, and we happened to run across an older man who speaks English and visits the park often. He told us that this mansion used to be inhabited by Chiang Kai-Shek and Deng Xiaoping. For those who are not familiar with Chinese leaders, Chiang Kai-shek was a leader of the Republic of China until Mao’s ascent and ruled Taiwan until his death in the ’70s. Deng Xiaoping was responsible for China’s economic opening in the 1980s. So these are big names!

The mansion also has its own little park, exhibiting various flora.
The mansion also has its own little park, exhibiting various flora.

If you go further up the road there is a red building. They were renovating it when we visited so we couldn’t go in, but apparently this red house is a continuation of the mansion that these Chinese leaders used to live in.

Little red house overlooking a cliff.
Little red house overlooking a cliff with some of the best views on the peninsula.

On top of this the park houses a Martyr’s Tomb and some Big Trees (capitalization needed, they are that big). There is also a small garden and greenhouse next to the white mansion for those interested in botany. The park may be small, but is well worth a visit to those interested in history or nature.

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